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Welcome to Boomerang Sports Exchange

Welcome and congratulations!

You have reached the main page of your new reCommerce 3 website.  ReCommerce 3 uses a customized version of the versatile, mobile-friendly, reBoot v2 X-Cart template.  The reBoot template offers an unprecedented level of configurable options, all of which are accessible from the Admin area of your reCommerce site.  In addition, reBoot is a fully responsive template - it automatically adjusts its layout based on the display size of the device used to view the site.  

The side menu, found to the right side of this page by default, will display a user control panel, a Consignor Center control panel, a category menu, and a brand menu.  Product categories and brands will populate as you begin to upload products from Liberty.  You can switch the site layout options to display the menu on the left (2 Columns - Left Menu), to display a menu on each side of the main content (3 Column), or to remove the menu bar entirely (1 Column - Full Width).

The reBoot template also includes a header menu that can be used to display categories, brands, the Consignor Center menu, and more.  The header menu automatically becomes a responsive menu on smaller displays.  There are a number of different styling options for the header menu, as well as options you can set to choose which menus you want to appear and which you want to hide.  For example, you may decide you only want product categories to display in the side menu, but you may want the Consignor Center menu to show up in both places.  These options can all be found in the Admin area of your site.

There are a number of administrative options you will want to take a look at, as part of your initial setup.  For example, you probably want to replace the reCommerce logo (at the upper left) with a logo for your store.  This setting is found near the top of the reBoot settings page in the Admin section of the site.  You will want to replace this very message with one more suitable for customers visiting your site.  In order to process payments on your site, it will be necessary for you to either apply for an online merchant account (Resaleworld supports Mercury Payment Systems' Hosted Checkout solution) or a Paypal account.

ReCommerce is a powerful and flexible ecommerce program which will allow you to easily market and promote your store on the world wide web with very little effort. While the reBoot template does provide a great deal of control over the look and feel of your site, we frequently receive customization requests - sometimes from customers who would rather we perform the work for them, and sometimes from customers who seek a greater level of customization than what the template options will allow for.  For those seeking this type of assistance, Resaleworld does offer web customization services.  We have a list of A-la-carte customizations on Resaleworld.com, and it is also possible to speak with a member of our web development team for a more in-depth analysis and quote.

Again, welcome and congratulations!